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Apiary for Enterprise

Visibility. Consistency. Happier developers.

Enterprise Grade.

The Challenge

Catching design divergence early in the process means that developers are free to innovate, not refactor.

Unlike top down solutions, Apiary for Enterprise empowers developers as well as architects to contribute to the API design lifecycle.

The Solution

Codify your API style guide! Apiary for Enterprise helps everyone to adhere to basic API design patterns and conventions. Apiary for Enterprise enables you to check multiple API Blueprints for consistency. The real benefit is the developer experience--consistency means predictability.

With Apiary for Enterprise, API designers receive real-time feedback during the API design process. Inconsistencies are caught very early in the cycle, helping you to avoid boring and expensive code refactor after APIs have been developed, deployed, and consumed.

Apiary's API design assertion language is a great step forward in the discipline of API design, and it promises to vastly improve the API design lifecycle. by Jason M. Sherman, Founder, API Craft NYC and Director of Engineering at XO Group, Inc.

With this new offering, Apiary is enabling us to codify our API style guide. This will provide real-time feedback to our designers when they create an invalid API specification, saving us a tremendous amount of time and frustration, and ultimately providing our API consumers with a better, more consistent experience of our APIs. by Kris Chant, API Product Manager at Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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